Wisdom Teeth
A diagram of wisdom teeth growing growing adjacent teeth.

Preventively it’s a good idea to assess and monitor developing wisdom teeth between 16 and 21 years old.

Wisdom teeth removal is not necessary for everyone.

A small percentage of people have enough space to grow the wisdom teeth into fully functional teeth.

However, most people do not have enough space to erupt and grow these into healthy wisdom teeth.

Some wisdom teeth grow in sideways, only partially emerge, or never break through the gum and bone. These teeth get stuck, or impacted, and could pose a risk to your oral health and well-being.

These crowded teeth can become a detriment and damage the good teeth in front of them. They can cause continual cheek biting trauma and tooth borne infection and cysts.

Why remove wisdom teeth as prevention if nothing is wrong yet? Most people don’t have enough space for this final adult tooth to grow and develop normally.

Wisdom teeth can cause damage to the good 12-year molar in front of it, can cause chronic cheek biting trauma, can cause more dental crowding and can be a source of chronic infection due to being impossible to access and clean properly with home care.

No referral is necessary, and you may bring your current x-ray for a free consultation to assess your wisdom teeth with us.