A diagram of implant retained dentures.

Dentures replace all missing teeth and provide support to fill out cheeks and lips preventing a caved-in appearance after teeth are removed.

Dentures can provide a fresh start for those who struggle with gum disease, toxic teeth, and continual tooth problems.

Dentures do not need to be unpleasant, nor do they need to be loose and uncomfortable.

When planned in advance, we can fabricate beautiful replacement teeth before we remove the problematic teeth and place them in the same appointment. No one ever needs to go without teeth with us. This way, we can remove your old teeth in an hour and have new teeth in a day.

Secure foundations can be placed to support a loose lower denture, and to uncover the palate to liberate important tastebuds underneath an upper denture.

Tastebuds on the roof of the mouth are never missed until they get covered over with an upper denture. Try red wine and chocolate together with an upper denture in place, then remove the denture to uncover the roof of your mouth and then try the red wine and chocolate again. You will notice a taste difference.