Dental Implant Solutions for Teeth Replacements
A cross section graphic showing how dental implants are fitted into the jaw.

We Provide:

  • Three-dimensional (3D) CBCT imaging digital radiographs and software
  • Digitally planned and safe guided surgeries
  • All-on-4, All-on-6, All-on-x, implant supported teeth replacements, teeth in a day
  • Extractions and socket grafts
  • All dental implant solutions provided; planning, engineering and placements
  • All sinus, bone and soft tissue (gum) grafts
  • Denturist Support
  • IV sedation

We provide all dental implant placements and preparatory procedures right here. Everything comes together at Northwest Dental Centre.

Whether we are replacing a single tooth or an entire set of upper and lower teeth, the possibilities and solutions are numerous.

We help you determine what implant solutions you are a candidate for, provide cost estimates, coordinate the treatment schedule, and make it easy for you to understand and navigate.

We can also help you procure financing if needed.

Most people want fixed replacement teeth that can be cared for inside the mouth like natural teeth, not removeable teeth that easily fall out and get placed in a cup of water at night.

What was the last positive thing your loose, removeable denture teeth provided for you? We can offer you stability.

Stable Implant Replacement Teeth provide: Security, Freedom, Adventure and Success.

Call us at to start searching your possibilities and see what you are a candidate for.