A diagram of Dental Crowns.

Crowns are beautiful tooth preserving restorations.

A crown protects the tooth underneath it by encircling the tooth like a helmet on your head.

For long-term success, crowns should be chosen instead of going from a large filling to an extra-large filling and certainly before you go from an extra-large filling to a super extra-large filling.

Ideally crowns should be selected earlier as part of a preventive (link to Protective Prevention pg) treatment plan before the tooth becomes sore or fractures.

Crowns are a long-term play, not a short-term solution.

We know the best time to invest in our teeth is before they get sore and before they fail with a fracture.

We can show you which teeth are vulnerable and could benefit by being strengthened. This way you can avoid root canals and dental implants later in life.

We learned this over two decades ago when we stopped using silver mercury filling material. We were early trend-setters of preventive crowns. None of these folks need implants except for replacing some of the older root canalled teeth.

A crown is like a best friend that you have for life.

A crown can always be replaced just like a helmet can be replaced for your head in case you have a mishap.