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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!  Here are some of the things our patients say about us...



"My family and I discovered Dr. Todd Donnelly and the group at Northwest Dental Centre over 4 years ago and since that time we have developed a relationship with them that has gone well beyond that which we could have hoped for.

My wife, 2 young kids, and I have all benefitted greatly from the excellent care that we have consistently received from Dr. Donnelly. His care has given us great teeth while at the same time paying attention to making the most efficient use of our dental plan to minimize the cost of the services.

As a testament to the quality of the end result, I regularly receive unsolicited compliments on how perfect my teeth are now. This is especially remarkable when considering the amount of damage I have done to them through years of sports. The work is so good that I honestly can’t tell myself which teeth are still actually my own and which are “Todd’s”.

The office staff, hygienists, and assistants have all made us feel like welcome friends at each and every visit to the office. This has translated into enjoyable visits to the office that we (kids included) actually look forward to. They have truly become a great part of our lives.

In summary, we feel very fortunate for having met this wonderful group of professionals and would highly recommend choosing them when looking for expert dental care."

                   ~ Rob Anderson


Over the course of several years, I have had extensive appointments regarding crowns, fillings and cleanings. Dr. Donnelly and his staff have been extremely gentle, patient and completely professional during these many appointments. The front office staff have been unfailingly polite, professional and consistent in contacting me regarding upcoming appointments, and all other matters. They have also handled all paperwork to Blue Cross on my behalf in a very quick and expedient manner. I have never been refused a course of treatment. 

 I have had 8 beautiful Cerec crowns and 4 white composite fillings replace old mercury fillings. Dr. Donnelly and his staff have been very gentle, patient and completely forthcoming about the procedures. Having been rough handled by many other dentists in the past, I was extremely happy with the conditions and care that this office has provided. Some appointments included at least three teeth being fixed at the same time, and I was able to have a break when I needed it. Juice was provided at one time, when I was starting to have low blood sugar, and was available at any time if needed.

 I was very happy with the overall outcome, besides a whiter smile, was the noticeable lack of migraine headaches after all mercury was removed! My overall general health seems to have improved as well with no other changes on my part! Because of the attention to detail with the paper work that was sent in to Blue Cross, all payments to me were received promptly.  

 Dr. Donnelly and his staff are all friendly and very competent in their work, I have no suggestions for improvement as you are doing a great job! Thank you!

                ~ Nina Ozanne



I can honestly say that my experiences at Northwest Dental Centre have been the best I've ever had.

When I broke a tooth on a friday night, I was able to get an emergency appointment very quickly and I was really well taken care of.   

When I was there last week for my annual check-up, Dr. Donnelly went through everything with me, tooth by tooth.  I told Jackie, my hygienist, that the cleaning was the part I dreaded the most--she calmed my fears by explaining exactly what she was going to do before she started! She was gentle and attentive.  Best cleaning ever!   Thank you!

          ~Heather Malcolm

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