Protective Prevention
A family brushing their teeth together.

Are you frustrated with always randomly fixing something with your teeth? Are you experiencing toothaches and cavities on a regular basis? Have you lost one or more teeth already? It’s not too late.

This can be stopped with our Protective Prevention program.

Protective Prevention will appeal to clients who deeply care for their teeth and want to do what is necessary to have their natural teeth for life and remain in ideal wellness and predictability over long periods of time.

By guiding our clients into dental health and wellness through Protective Prevention, they experience long stretches of predictability needing virtually nothing other than seeing our hygienists for periodic professional cleanings and a dentist for an annual exam to ensure health and wellness are being upheld.

Preventing cavities, pain, root canals, dental implants and dentures is our passion and pleasure. We are proud of our clients’ success stories and low incidences of emergencies and tooth loss in our long-term Protective Prevention client base.

Protective Prevention investments made in youth and midlife will save finances in your retirement and golden years.

Nobody wants unpredictability and tooth loss in their golden years while on a fixed retirement income.

Call us today at to schedule a new client exam and we can meet you, understand your history and dental journey so far, and provide Protective Prevention advice and estimates to get you set into dental wellness for life.

You don’t need a referral, and our first meeting can be quick and complimentary.

A problem with your bite is the most damaging ongoing trauma your teeth can experience throughout life and could be the first thing to address preventively with Invisalign®.