General & Cosmetic Family Dentistry
A dentist demonstrating brushing technique on model teeth.

We Provide:

  • Protective Prevention
  • Sealants and composite fillings
  • Corrective and restorative dentistry
  • Inlays, onlays, ¾ crowns and crowns
  • Biocompatible porcelain or gold cladding that cannot get cavities
  • Cosmetic and therapeutic Injectables to smooth wrinkles and help with headaches and TMJ
  • Dentures and partial dentures
  • Emergency treatment to relieve pain
  • Root fillings, root canals
  • Treatment for gum disease
  • Hygiene therapy and professional cleanings
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas sedation)

There is not much we haven’t seen and treated over our years of clinical experience.

No surprises here. All general dental and hygiene services are provided and managed in house with the same experienced professionals each time. You will rarely see a new face in our space or be referred elsewhere.

Our new client exam will give you a full visual view of what is occurring inside your mouth. We have been utilizing digital images and photos for years and find it the best way to transparently show our clients their teeth and where the problems exist. We can magnify the images on our digital monitors for you to see the problems like we do.

We inspire people to treat problems when they are painless, less costly to treat, and readily covered by dental plans.

Dental problems follow a predictable path of progression, never self-correct, and if left to marinate with time lead to discomfort then extreme pain.

Pain leads more often to costly root canals, missing teeth, and dental implants and why our motivation is a preventive approach to help our clients resolve problems when they are painless and less costly to fix.

Preventive dentistry is much more comfortable and smoother to treat than reactionary emergent dentistry that results from using pain to motivate the need for dental treatment. At the first sign of pain or discomfort, call us at . Try not to wait for days, weeks, months, or years after pain sets in.

We are not an emergency clinic; however, our emergency treatments quickly eliminate pain when you see us.

We hope that one dental emergency is enough to experience. After seeking our care, we will help you prevent future emergencies and tooth loss.

We are proud of our clients’ success stories and low incidences of emergencies and tooth loss in our long-term Protective Prevention client base.

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