A Preventive and Comprehensive Approach

The waiting room at Northwest Dental Centre.

We are a comprehensive general dental group. We collaborate with you to learn about your history, your wellness, your goals, and your unique story. Everyone’s dental journey is different and can be well thought-out, transparently budgeted and planned with a vision to get you to full health and wellness on your terms as quickly as you’d like.

We comfortably provide everything protective preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, replacement dentistry, hygiene therapy, cosmetic rejuvenation and full rehabilitation has to offer; all in one convenient location for the entire family. We are an interdependent team that draws upon all our individual unique talents and long-term experience to work together for you, so you don’t have to go anywhere else; everything comes together at Northwest Dental Centre.

We embrace new proven technologies and interweave digital workflows for comfort and precision. This is our core foundation and what we provide our clients every day.

Digital dentistry has evolved the last two decades along with our protective prevention, magnificent materials, accurate anaesthetics, and safe sedation.

We inspire, coach, and empower people to become the healthiest version of themselves, in a preventive way, to get out of dental pain and treatment cycles and live a life of wellness with minimal need for future repair and rework.

Imagine enjoying life’s most precious moments in continuous peak health and wellness. We are a destination to get healthy and stay healthy.

Call us to experience dentistry transparently and efficiently as we know time is valuable. Your smile and wellness can easily be your best features with us.