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Meet Dr. Yip

meet dr yip

Dentistry is one of the most dynamic professions. I embrace this dynamism with a lifelong dedication to sciences, art, and esthetics that the profession requires in order to become proficient. However, for me, all of this starts with a focus on the relationship with my patient. It starts with getting to know the patient, their expectations, and then using my knowledge and technical skills to get to get to a common shared goal. It is the journey to this goal that I find the most rewarding aspect in my profession.

Dentistry has also allowed me to share with others my love of eating! Functional teeth are a vital part of being able to chew and enjoy food. As a foodie, I love to try out new cuisine and I am always open to trying different foods. With the dental therapies that we have today, there is almost always an option to maintain and improve our oral health and function. My profession has allowed me to maintain, protect, and as needed, replace teeth for people to maximally enjoy food.

Education and continuing education

I was always fascinated by how the human body works, so I’ve earned my Bachelor of Science degree in physiology at McGill University in Montreal. I then went on to complete my Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at McGill University. During my studies I was awarded the Academy of General Dentistry senior dental student award for academic scholastic and clinical balance and outstanding attributes to doctor-patient relationships.

Following dental school, I received further training at the University of Connecticut’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry program for one year. It was here that I honed my skills in all aspects of general dentistry, including oral surgery and utilized digital restorative technologies.

I firmly believe in evidence based dentistry in order to utilize the most up to date and peer reviewed information in order to provide the most therapeutic dentistry to my patients. One of my foundational beliefs is continuing education which is in line with the philosophy here at Northwest Dental Centre. In partnership with the team at Northwest Dental Centre, we are able to provide all dental disciplines under one roof in a harmonious and complimentary fashion. I am especially delighted to work alongside our Periodontal Specialist to offer our patients the privilege of “in-house” care to ideal standards at their foundation.

In the office

The most important person in the dental visit is the patient. I understand that dental conditions are sometimes mysterious and I will strive to give a clear and comprehensive picture. Each treatment plan will be tailored with the patient’s preferences so that their oral health goals are met and maintained. My goal is to have patients become as interested as I am about dentistry and oral health.

During treatment, my primary concern is for the patient’s comfort. My team and I will ensure a pleasant experience by ensuring that each patient knows what to expect, and that they are comfortable along the way.

Outside the office

I grew up in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and subsequently studied and practiced dentistry in Montreal, Quebec. I am proud to call Calgary my home since June 2015 and I am looking forward to enjoying everything that this beautiful city has to offer.

My family life is very important to me so I spend my spare time with my wife and two young daughters. I enjoy cooking new dishes for everybody to try.

Outside of the house, I enjoy boxing, playing tennis, skiing and snowboarding.

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